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In the mid-seventies, the high demand for new automobiles opened the door for the Car Accessories business. At this point, car owners and enthusiasts swarm the long stretch of Banaue in Quezon City to purchase the latest available automotive products. This opened an opportunity for Concorde owners to consider opening a store inside a mall to cater to a much different and diversified market thus in 1991, the first CONCORDE CAR ACCESSORIES CENTER was launched at SM City North EDSA, Quezon City

CONCORDE CAR ACCESSORIES CENTER is a "One stop Motoring Shop" offering top quality car accessories and car care products from the U.S., Europe, and Asia. It can be considered as a Specialty Store concentrating primarily on car accessories and car care products catering to motorist, car enthusiasts, and the like. Complementary merchandise is likewise carried in the form of electronic devices, motorcycle accessories, novelty items, etc. From a local vehicle accessories supplier, CONCORDE CAR ACCESSORIES CENTER is now a premier vehicle accessories and car care provider strategically positioned in Metro Manila, serving various customers from private individuals to corporate car dealerships, wholesale accounts, industrial accounts, and third party retailers.

With our quality products and professional employees, the Company has proven itself to be a formidable player in the automotive industry..

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Store APPEARANCE A typical CONCORDE store has a Grid Layout containing gondolas of merchandise and ailes in a repetitive. One to Two Point-of-Sale areas are likewise present at the checkout areas depending on store area. Display windows are likewise present in front of the store.

Merchandise is displayed in gondolas and/or special racks depending on classification, viz:

There are designated areas for Car Care products like car shampoos, car wax, additives, car fresheners and the like; Designated areas for novelty and/or practical gadgets/accessories like cell phone holders, mirrors, seat covers, pedal pads, sport steering wheels, and other car interior decors. Exterior decors include spoiers, roof racks, hub caps, antennas, door/bumper guards, etc. Car electronic devices like alarms, stero systems, apmlifiers, speakers, auxiliary/driving/fog lights, and other high priced electronic items shall have a special glass encasement with countertap for testing and demonstration purposes.

Point-Of-Sales areas may have small items like key fobs, batteries, magazines, etc.

With the very high merchandise variety and assortments of CONCORDE CAR ACCESSORIES CENTER, the Store's target market include primiraly all motorists and prospective motorists correspondingly of both genders in the A, B, and Upper C income groups; of any occupation, religion, race, and social class.

Product and Services

Concorde has a wide-range of products which include the following:

Car Accessories - Theses are interior and exterior aesthetics improvements for cards. Examples are: cell phone holders, cup holders, mirrors, pedal pads, sport steering wheels, steering wheel locks, matting, seat covers, shift knobs, performance gauges, spoilers, interior light gadgets, decals / stickers, license plate covers / frames, key fobs, etc. Car Care Products - These are interior care (seats, roof liner, carpet), exterior care (paint, vinyl/rubber trim, wheels, tires) and engine care (engine parts, engine bay), undercarriage care (suspension, bushings, linkages) products. Examples are: Dashboard protectants, upholstery cleaners, leather conditioners and cleaners, air fresheners, car shampoo, car waxes, detailing formulae, touch-up paints, paint scratch removers, tar and bug removers, engine oil additives, racing oil additives, degreasers, liquid grease, tire cleaners, tire shine, brake dust remover, etc.

Complementary electronic devices and Parts - these are car electronic improvement devices. Examples are : car alamrs, audio and video systems, pwoer audio amplifiers, power capacitors, speakers, subwoofers, switches, driving lights, fog lights, High Intensity Discharge lights, RCA connectors, wiring kits, etc. Motorcycle accessories - Helmets, pedal pads, bolt caps, auxiliary lights, leather gloves, license plate covers, motorcycle cleaners, riding gear, handle grips, racing gauges, air filters, etc. Services - We provide free professional installation of bought accessores and consultations regarding car audio set-up, car exterior care, electrical and electronic components installations.

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